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Cyber Security Breaches in Healthcare

No doubt about it, cyber security breaches are a major concern for everyone, even major websites. Recently a massive denial-of-service (DoS) attack shut down major websites across the internet, including Twitter and Spotify, a streaming music service. The Healthcare industry, in particular,

By |Healthcare, Security|

Why Managed Compliance is Important for LTC and Retirement Homes

Do you worry about your Long-Term Care or Retirement home being audited? Do you know if your patient data is secure? What would happen to if your patient data was compromised? Are you unsure of your regulatory compliance with CARP and PIPEDA (“Personal Information

By |Healthcare, Security|

Can a High-Tech LTC Home or Retirement Residence be Trouble Free?

Does your Long-Term Care Home or Retirement Residence suffer from the following technical troubles? Aging hardware Slow computers or network links No backup and limited security for data Inadequate Wireless coverage Staff that need more training and support What if

By |Healthcare|

Free SSL Certificates with Managed Services

SSL Certificates are used to establish an encrypted connection between a computer browser and a web server. Secure Sockets Layer’s (SSL) technology activates a lock and the https protocol which allows for secure connections that protects sensitive information. Once that connection is established, all

By |Security|

Get Creative and Change your Common Passwords

Here’s a reminder to do something you probably haven’t done in a while…change your common passwords.  And, while you’re at it, choose new passwords that are not so common. Some of the most commonly-used passwords, according to the security group SplashData, are “password”,

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