As Ontario’s population ages, our health and long-term care industries must keep up with technological advancements.

If they were once overburdened by slow and expensive innovation, that’s certainly not the case anymore.  In fact, innovations in information technology today allow healthcare practitioners fastaffordable, and efficient patient care.

So, which IT measures and technologies should long-term care providers put into place?

Here are some easy to implement, technology solutions that help with patient safety:

IP cameras

An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly used for surveillance, and can send and receive data through a computer network, and the Internet. This type of camera is flexible, affordable and it can be accessed by authorized users using most smart phones.  There’s also the advantage of two-way audio, which allows users to communicate with what they are seeing.  The cameras offer secure data transmission through encryption and authentication.

In hospitals and long-term care facilities, IP cameras increase overall security and safety. Staff are better able to watch for troubled patients, monitor for unauthorized visitors, and prevent crimes. As well, the presence of surveillance cameras improves employee communication.

Guest Wi-Fi Networks

This wireless Internet service is completely separate from corporate or administration’s network so security is not compromised.  The Guest Wi-Fi helps visitors stay connected with friends and family and is available throughout the facility.  This way, patients and guests can use their own wireless-equipped laptop computers, phone’s and tablets to surf the web, check email and chat with friends and family.  With the ability to limit bandwidth, block certain sites and provide only temporary access to a guest network, Operators have more control than ever in managing these networks.

Visitor Management Software

Increasingly, various forms of technology are used to meet all of the requirements of Ontario’s Health Care Providers. Our software can establish zones, processes, and visibility to visitors, vendors, and contractors entering the facility.  The technology includes badging for employees, as well as temporary badges and access control for contractors, vendors and visitors.  This helps to ensure building security and patient safety.  Of course, there’s also a permanent transaction log and IP Camera photos of visitors for historical records.

Nurse Call Systems

In long term care facilities and hospitals, being able to effectively handle an emergency call could be the difference between life and death.  So, being able to respond promptly to patient calls is incredibly important.  Nurse call systems enable nurses and other healthcare practitioners to communicate efficiently and effectively while providing the highest level of care possible to their patients.

With Ontario’s population aging, more and more people we care about will need long term care.  It’s vitally important to implement the most up-to-date IT measures and technologies for overall patient safety and protocol.

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