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Managed IT Services

Team reviewing computer data with WW Works Managed Service Provider

Managed IT Services

ServiceWorks is your GTA-based outsourced IT department for managed IT services at a flat, affordable rate.

ServiceWorks includes:

  • Automatic monthly software updates and server backups  
  • Security audits for infections and antivirus levels  
  • Scalable and customizable cloud services  
  • Mobile device management 
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protects data, email, and IT Backup and disaster recovery solutions 
  • 24/7/365 help desk support 
  • Regulatory support 
  • IT consulting services 
  • Proactive resolutions – you don’t even need to know! 

Hosted Phone Services


TalkWorks offers managed phone systems for small and medium businesses in the GTA, making communication with clients easier than ever. 

TalkWorks options include:  

  • Hosted phone service on the cloud- talk anytime, anywhere 
  • In-house phone services 

Get used to:  

  • One vendor, one invoice 
  • Feature rich 
  • Toll-free numbers 
  • Company teleconferencing  
  • E-mailed voicemails  
  • Affordable travel plans 
  • Flexible and reliable plans 

Cloud Services – Microsoft 365 / Hosted  Services

Cloud Services

Through a customized cloud assessment, we determine if, and which, cloud services are best for your business.  

Our WW Works Cloud Assessment will determine:

  • If you will benefit from enhanced accessibility, scalability, and security from  cloud services 
  • Which of your IT components should be moved to the cloud 
  • The availability of cloud services  
  • Your cost-benefit ratio 
  • Potential privacy or compliance issues 

Once we complete your cloud assessment, you can rely on WW Works to manage your cloud providers and solutions.

Data Security

Data Security

Data loss prevention, disaster recovery, and business continuity. WW Works is your best defence against IT disasters and data loss.

Are you prepared against:   

  • Natural disasters, 
  • Fires, 
  • Power outages, 
  • Human error? 

Safeguard your critical data with: 

  • Regular onsite backups of your services and business systems Offsite data encryption to a high-security data center 
  • Cloud security and virtualization services, providing fast recovery from a  disaster 

Don’t wait until disaster strikes!  

Mobile Device Management

Many typing on a computer that is safe by WW Works Managed Service Provider

Mobile Device Management

Allowing employees to use their own devices can lead to increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, and employee satisfaction. However, bringing your own device (BYOD) comes with risks.

Mobile device management allows you to:

  • Minimize risk
  • Secure your data at its source, at rest, and between devices
  • Manage enterprise data without interfering with personal data
  • Ensure devices are utilizing passwords, encryption, and more.

We can help you protect your business information through our Mobile Device Management Solutions.

Server Virtualization

Company computer servers protected by WW Works Managed Service Provider

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization allows you to host multiple servers off of one server and has become the dominant computing platform in the world.  

With server virtualization, you can:  

  • Stop server crawl 
  • Secure your data 
  • Improve IT performance 
  • Improve ROI 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Lower costs 

Server virtualization offers your business more efficient network storage at a lower cost, reducing your need for hardware and, in turn, reducing energy bills.  Virtualization also contributes to effective disaster-maintenance, protecting your  data no matter what.  

Do more with less.  

Contact WW Works for your Virtualization Readiness Assessment and take  advantage of all benefts that Desktop & Server Virtualization has to offer.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is important to keep hackers out

Cyber Security

  • Have you recently had an end-to-end IT Security Audit?
  • Is your network monitored 24/7 to prevent cyber attacks?
  • Do you have a comprehensive, up-to-date cyber-security plan?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, your business’ data is at risk”

WW Works cybersecurity services include:

  • Antivirus defender
  • Covalence
  • Machine network traffic monitoring
  • Two-factor security
  • And more!

Cyber security goes beyond a simple firewall, virus software, or spam filtering. Your business requires a comprehensive security solution to protect it from today’s sophisticated cyber threats and data breaches.

Are you wanting to:

Decrease Your IT Costs?

Achieve Your Goals With Value-Based Technology?

Hiring an internal IT department is often too expensive for businesses like yours in the Greater Toronto Area. However, you can bridge the gap between the high cost of in-house IT employees, and the technology expertise you need to achieve your goals.

Simply outsource your IT functions to WW Works.

Our outsourced IT Services will work with your leadership to:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of your business and growth objectives.
  • Assess your current IT systems, and provide strategic advice on how to improve them.
  • Ensure that our recommendations fit your budget.

We’ll help your business jump ahead of the competition with cutting-edge technologies that work for you, and by:

  • Effectively incorporating technology into your operational processes.
  • Aligning technology with your business goals.
  • Helping you obtain increased value from your IT investments.
  • Reducing your IT costs with peak-performing technology.
  • Eliminating unscheduled downtimes.
  • Training your employees so they’re confident working with your IT solutions.
  • Ensuring your network and computers are expertly maintained, secure, and supported.

If you want to decrease your IT costs, and achieve your goals with value-based technologies, simply outsource your IT to WW Works.

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