Virtualization makes sense on so many levels; once you understand the benefits, it’s easy to understand why modern-day businesses are migrating to virtual data centers.

Every business owner and administrator should understand why hosted data is the way to go. Decisions in business are based on growth for the future, so here are some ways a virtual data center helps companies achieve IT success.

Reduce Costs

We’ve found some companies operating with tired old hardware that truly belongs in the last century. We’re almost two decades into the 21st century, and nowadays, that hardware is usually the highest cost in a data center! What to do with old IT equipment? No worries, along with the technology refresh, we make sure that old equipment is recycled or disposed of safely and in an environmentally conscious way. There are also other ways you reduce costs with virtualization: Less electricity is used, maintenance is easier, and there’s little downtime. Add it up, and you’ve got some major cost savings.

Easy Backups

Full backups of your virtual server are easy, as are software-level “snapshots” taken throughout the day. A snapshot is a virtual copy of the data, not an actual copy of the data. Together, the snapshots show multiple views of the file system as it existed at various points in time. If a physical server dies, a redeploy can happen in minutes in the virtual world. Everything can be moved from one server to another and redeployed quickly.

Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is so much easier when your data center is virtualized. When you have up-to-date snapshots of your virtual machines, it takes no time to get up and running. And, if a disaster ever strikes at the data center, your reliable IT service provider (that’s us!) can move those virtual machines elsewhere with the re-creation of the IP network addressing scheme. With flexibility like that, your disaster recovery plan will be easy to enact and will have a much higher success rate.

Green and Clean

Clean up your company image, and stop endangering the future. A virtual data center helps to reduce your carbon footprint, and goes a long way toward improving your relationship with the planet and with the consumer. Many consumers, especially millennials, want to spend money with companies who reduce their output of pollution and take responsibility.

By moving to virtual data center, you’ll be that much closer to embracing a full-blown cloud environment. As soon as you migrate a file server to a virtual data center, you’ll see the benefits of the technology. And, with a cloud-based mindset, you can deploy virtual machines to create a – powerfully 21st century – cloud-based infrastructure.