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What is a managed service provider and why should I hire one?

A managed service provider (MSP) is an outsourced IT department, maintaining your company’s IT infrastructure and responding to IT needs quickly and efficiently. An MSP offers 24/7 support and is an affordable alternative to an in-house IT department with a matched level of effectiveness.

Why should you hire an MSP? As a small or medium business, you likely have an array of tasks that require your attention at any given time. Seeking quick solutions to complicated IT problems can result in high stress and a lack of sufficient results. Hiring an MSP takes the stress of IT off of your back and places it on the backs of technical experts who are fully-equipped to deal with each problem that comes their way. WW Works provides proactive solutions, oftentimes unbeknownst to you, to ensure your systems are running smoothly so you don’t have to think or worry about it.

I don’t see my industry listed on WW Works’ website. Does this mean you can’t service me?

Absolutely not! Over 30+ years, WW Works has developed industry-proven best practices that can be applied effectively to almost every industry. We also have experience providing IT services to a wide range of industries, from golf clubs to healthcare providers to manufacturing and distribution, we’ve done it all!

At WW Works, we are confident that our expert technicians and expansive know how can be utilized for small- and medium-sized businesses across industries to provide the most effective solutions possible.

If you still aren’t convinced, please contact us for a pressure-free conversation to talk about your business and what we can do for you.

How long are your contracts?

We’re glad you asked! Our contracts typically begin with a 36-month commitment, guaranteeing a flat monthly rate for the entire three-year duration. After this, you can decide whether you want to stay with us or move on.

Your services seem great, but I don’t need all of them. What are my options?

We’re glad you asked! WW Works provides a range of service packages depending on your business needs. If you are interested in full-service IT, we offer ServiceWorks packages that include cybersecurity, hosted telephone services, cloud services, and more. However, if you’re only looking for one specific type of service, like cybersecurity, we can offer you this option too.

At WW Works, we understand that different businesses have different needs. Because of this, we arrange an initial consultation to evaluate your current IT operations and determine what is required to improve your current systems.

I am interested in WW Works services. Where do we go from here?

WW Works begins its operations with an on-site best practice assessment (BPA). In other words, this is an IT consulting service that allows us to use our best practice expertise to determine what your company requires to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Oftentimes during onboarding, clients are persuaded to pursue a project to migrate to updated servers, server virtualization, and more. Contact us to tell us more about your business, IT needs, and to learn more about our best practice process.