Does your Long-Term Care Home or Retirement Residence suffer from the following technical troubles?

  • Aging hardware
  • Slow computers or network links
  • No backup and limited security for data
  • Inadequate Wireless coverage
  • Staff that need more training and support

What if those problems could disappear, and you never had to worry about your information technology again…on a reasonable budget?

Providing solutions to these types of problems is what we do. We provide IT Managed Services for many of Ontario’s Long Term Care Homes and Retirement Residences.

Here’s how we help to provide a High-Tech LTC Home:

  1. Assessment – First, we need to understand your LTC Home’s specific challenges. We conduct interviews and security and network audits to determine gaps, challenges and concerns associated with technology. We will review our findings with you in a simple and easy to understand manor.
  1. Managed IT Services – Our recommendations may include hardware, software, network security, backups as well as staff training and support. As technology changes, and problems arise, we suggest letting us take over as your “IT Department” for an all-inclusive monthly fee that will save your LTC Home valuable time and money.
  1. Hardware as a Service (HaaS) – With technology needs rapidly evolving; it no longer makes sense to have hardware as a depreciating asset. Many LTC Homes have aging servers, printers, and laptops that need to be upgraded in order to provide the best support to residences and employees alike. We offer Hardware as a Service where the costs become an expense, installed, fully serviced and maintained and replaced as needed or every three to four years.
  1. Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Android, IPhone, Blackberry, IPad, Tablets – We’ll handle your whole teams’ mobile needs! Tablets are becoming a standard tool in healthcare, as staff can easily move around with them, record data, and have access to medical databases. Your LTC Home may choose to purchase or add tablets as a Service. Any questions or problems with any mobile devices, call us instead and we’ll find the answer.
  1. Vendor and Asset Management (Phone, printers, copiers, broadband, software, hardware) –We’ll help deal with all your vendor agreements, licenses and questions to streamline your operations. We already have relationships with most of the main suppliers and can ensure you have competitive prices and all the latest updates. We’ll keep a detailed inventory of assets and recommend management safeguards for your hardware – to control loss.
  1. Network Back-up and Support – We ensure your systems and data are protected and work at peak performance. Data is backed up daily, in two world call data centres in Montreal and Toronto. Our offsite data restore tools are tested monthly, and our automatic black-list updates protect your systems against internal and external threats.
  1. Staff Support– If something goes wrong in the middle of the night on a long weekend, you won’t need to worry. We provide 24/7/365 on-site, tele-support or on-line support to your staff. We have dedicated technical analysts for your LTC Home. Just call our help desk, give keyboard control to one of our technical advisors. By the time you grab a coffee and come back, the issue will be resolved.

When you’re running a LTC Home or Retirement Residence in Ontario, there’s enough to worry about.  Information Technology should not be one of them. Leave it to us, your new outsourced IT Department. We can deliver a high-tech LTC Home that’s trouble-free. We’re real people helping real people.

Technology can be a little intimidating. If you’d like a hand, feel free to reach out and let’s see what we can do to help.