To begin, an MSP (managed service provider) is an external entity that manages your IT services. In WW Works’ case, this includes software and server management, cybersecurity, cloud services, device management, help-desk support, IT consulting, and more. With our organizational reliance on the ever-changing digital landscape, remaining up-to-date with IT processes and systems is vital to optimizing our businesses. The proof is in the pudding- the global managed services market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6% between 2023 and 2030 (link article). Much of this increased demand can be attributed to small- and medium-sized organizations recognizing the benefits of hiring an MSP and the competitive edge it can allow them. Here are just a few benefits of having an MSP for your SMB.


Cost Savings

Hiring an MSP will allow cost savings for your business in a variety of ways. First, an MSP will analyze your business and determine any operational inefficiencies that may be incurring unnecessary costs. This could entail removing unnecessary services that are not benefitting the company, consolidating offerings, and more. Cost savings also come in the form of the MSPs themselves. Outsourcing IT is significantly more economical than having an in-house IT team, especially for a small business that does not require around-the-clock IT care nor has the resources to fund an IT department with specialized labour. Finally, the services provided by an MSP-such as cybersecurity implementation and maintenance-significantly reduce the chance of unforeseen costs, both tangible and intangible, that may occur.


24/7 Help

Many MSPs, including WW Works, provide 24/7 help-desk support (For WW Works, this is with zero exceptions, including weekends and holidays). This means that regardless of the day or time, a tech will be available to resolve any IT issues your company faces. Not only does this lend you peace of mind, but it also provides proactive or quick reactive solutions that reduce downtime that could cost your organization through financial damages, business opportunities, or client relationships.


Ensuring Effective Solutions

Outsourcing your IT can also ensure your organization is receiving the appropriate care when it comes to resolving technological concerns. Having one MSP partner provides exclusive insight into your technology, offering solutions that are consistent with your internal systems and business needs. This may prevent you from consistently experiencing the same problems, or reactively resolving concerns without acknowledging the true root of the issue, preventing your company from repeatedly experiencing the same problems.


At its core, an MSP partner will improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs for your business. These solutions will contribute to your company’s bottom line, increasing revenues and allowing your organization an edge against the competition by providing your clients with the assurance of a proactive and efficient infrastructure.