The province of Ontario is leaning in to investments and innovations with the new seniors’ strategy, Aging with Confidence: Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors, which addresses many priorities of seniors and their families.


The government’s plan includes thousands of new long-term care (LTC) beds, expanded staffing and information technology.

Promoting innovation in LTC

Long-term care homes across the province are introducing innovative technologies to help create a modernized and efficient system. All homes will be supplied with the technological infrastructure and tools they need, including electronic clinical support tools to ensure standardized, high-quality care is delivered to residents. They intend to later introduce virtual consultations for specialized resources, such as pharmacy.

As part of a commitment to transforming Ontario’s health care system, the province has doubled its funding for long-term care in the past four years. The changes aim to build a well connected and more integrated, patient-centred system. Learn about LTC funding here.

Thanks to the funding, we recently built a brand-new information technology infrastructure for a LTC home in Burlington, Ontario. This included WiFi and ethernet infrastructure for administration, residents, and guests, as well as VoIP phones, nurse call and security.

Ontario’s investment to structural changes is necessary to create the health care system that the people will need in the future, including updated and integrated information technology.

According to this report, “…the healthcare information technology (IT) market is expected to show momentous growth” in the next five years. Important factors include improving quality of care and clinical outcomes, minimizing errors in medical facilities, government support for healthcare IT solutions and the growing use of big data analytics.

We’re proud to be part of the innovation.

Does your LTC Home need updated Information Technology services? Remember that funding can be obtained to support your IT resources, including computers and computing devices, which includes both hardware and software.

Technology can be a little intimidating. If you’d like a hand, feel free to reach out and let’s see what we can do to help.