Have you ensured your Golf Course Wi-Fi networks are secure?



Most people want to keep track of things happening at home and work when they’re away on a golf trip. This also goes for those who just want to play golf for the day. Enter Golf Course Wi-Fi.

Guests will appreciate having a wireless network when taking a break from the game to check in with the kids, work projects, or their bank accounts.

Having your IT outsourced to a Managed Service Provider (like us!) provides this and much more for golf clubs like yours. Guests will have the benefit of fully managed wireless solutions to stay connected when visiting your club.

Quality Managed Service Providers can (like our ServiceWorks package) give your golf club members and visitors:

  • WI-FI access from the meeting rooms inside your Club House.
  • Mobile applications pros can use for lessons and individual training.
  • Online score-tracking capabilities, and course histories they can access from their mobile devices.
  • The ability to stay at your golf course longer, and even get some work done in the comfort of the Club House, vs. in a cubicle in a downtown office!

A quality full service plan will provide countless benefits for you and your staff, with:

  • Separate wireless networks for guests and employees, so your operations stay secure and private.
  • VoIP telephone service that provides convenience and cost savings by transmitting calls over your wireless system, vs. using outdated circuit-based systems.
  • Affordable, fixed-priced IT Service and Support you pay for by the month, that ensures your technology runs at peak performance.
  • Remote monitoring to catch IT issues and fix them before they create big problems.
  • 24/7 Help Desk Services from our knowledgeable professionals who respond quickly to your technology issues.
  • Business Continuity when lightning takes out the power, or a storm shuts down your office.
  • Data that’s backed up securely both onsite and offsite, and is retrievable from wherever you and your authorized staff have a computer device and Internet connection.

Don’t delay your Golf-Course-Wi-Fi.

Get in the game!