Do you want to sleep well at night knowing that your company’s critical assets are protected?

For the past year, WW Works has been using Covalence. Covalence was established by FieldEffect, an Ottawa-based company, for threat monitoring, detection, and response. We have put our entire trust in the Covalence system for the protection of WW Works, and we have not been let down. Now, we are offering Covalence to our clients as a component of our new ProtectionWorks Plus offering. It is priced for SMB budgets and it is easy to set up and use.

For the past two years, Covalence has been recognized as one of the “Most Innovative SMB Product of the Year” in the Best in Biz Awards. This Enterprise-grade security system differentiates from standard antivirus products and newer Endpoint Detect and Response systems. With multiple points being monitored, you are able to receive better overall coverage for your organization. Field Effect employs highly-trained security professionals to constantly watch, detect, and protect their clients’ data and assets.

Threat monitoring products can be hard to configure and integrate across IT networks. Some of them only monitor one or two aspects of an IT infrastructure, so a company would rquire multiple security solutions to identify all of the threats across their cloud networks, cloud services, endpoints, and devices. The majority of SMBs lack the time, resources, and/or cyber knowledge to deal with these security challenges.

At WW Works, we are very impressed with Covalence’s security capabilities for our small- and medium-sized business partners. It can detect threats across their entire IT environment and provide actionable insights, helping us improve their IT security at an affordable price point.

Solving SMB security challenges

This optimized platform has a 4-pronged approach to overall security:

  1. All systems (PC’s, servers, laptops, etc.) have installed software that is monitoring usage patterns, viruses, and known software exploits.
  2. The network has an appliance installed that monitors all network traffic leaving and entering your systems through the internet.
  3. All Microsoft 365 cloud accounts (email, calendar, OneDrive, Sharepoint) are monitored for nefarious and abnormal usage.
  4. All of the above are aggregated, monitored, and reacted to by a 24/7 Security Operations Centre in Ottawa, staffed by security professionals.

Covalence provides a complete solution for monitoring, detecting, and responding to cyber threats across every aspect of a modern IT environment. This includes networks, cloud services, endpoints, and devices used for remote work. The sophisticated threat detection uses analytics, machine learning, algorithms, technologies, and human-led expertise to measure, monitor, and detect constantly evolving threats and vulnerabilities.

Covalence provides an incomparable view of the entire threat surface. Not only does it identify threats in real time, but it also provides clear, actionable steps to fix each problem. The threat alerts and reports are aggregated, prioritized, and presented as Actions, Recommendations, and Observations (AROs). Any possible threat alert includes the context needed to resolve it, eliminating wasted time so it is simple to understand, prioritize, and remediate threats.

ProtectionWorks Plus includes:

  • Web surfing protection and reporting
  • Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR) protection for all servers and workstations
  • Endpoint, network and cloud (O365/Azure) security monitoring, continuous vulnerability scanning
  • 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Filesystem encryption on workstations to avoid breach if stolen
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) training and certification portal provided for all staff

Every company, no matter the size or industry, should have access to excellent cybersecurity. WW Works ProtectionWorks Plus with Covalence can help you transform your IT security from reactive to proactive by defining a strategy, bridging the gaps in your IT security and compliance, automating processes, and staying ahead of threats. Are you ready to choose the best cyber security for your business? Contact us at to learn more.