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Why is Phishing Still a Thing in 2021?

Why is phishing still a thing in 2021? Webinar graphic

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Why is Phishing Still a Thing in 2021?

Many pundits predicted that email would be long gone by now. That we’d all be communicating using direct messaging through social platforms or chat apps like Teams. They were wrong. Not only is email alive and well, it’s celebrating it’s 50th birthday.

We’d like to commemorate this milestone by taking a deeper look at why email is such a popular attack vector for cyber criminals, the gaps left by current security solutions, and what you and your clients can do to fill those gaps.

Please join us Wednesday, October 27 at 11:00 am EDT for what we promise will be a fascinating look at the world of email security. During this 60-minute webinar, Field Effect’s Head Of Analytics, Earl Fischl, will take us on a journey through:

  • The most popular email attack methods and their impact.
  • Why – after all these years – email is so difficult to secure.
  • Why ‘pretty good’ email security isn’t enough.
  • Best practices for ensuring you and your clients are protected.