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Next Level Cyber Security – Keeping Your Business Safe Just Got Easier

A recent Deloitte report estimates that 91% of all cyberattacks begin with a phishing email. How can you keep up with all the latest threats and stay vigilant to new and more clever hackers?

Our monthly security training program will help you do just that! It’s inexpensive and super simple to enroll! Complete the sign up form here and once a month new training will come into your inbox.

For a low annual fee, we provide monthly security awareness training and access to our Knowledge Centre. It’s effective for your employees, for a sole entrepreneur, your family and friends and it can help protect your company from serious financial consequences or even bankruptcy.

How it works:

What truly differentiates us from other training platforms is our Knowledge Centre

  • A list of FAQs that will help you navigate the enrolment process and the training platform
  • Get a recommendation for a cybersecurity lawyer – if you have had a breach and need legal assistance or if someone you deal with has been breached and your information has been compromised
  • Cyber insurance defined and a referral to a broker that provides cyber insurance
  • Duty to Report – if personal information is breached, Federal Government legislation mandates reporting – we can help with information on when and how to report
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