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BYOD (bring your own device) policies are very popular in today’s workplace.

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When employees are allowed to bring their computer devices and use them to work, the result can be an increase in productivity, cost effectiveness, and employee satisfaction.

Unfortunately, BYOD comes with risks, especially when your employees leave, or are laid off. Expect that some data will leave when they do, as it’s not always possible to scan an employee’s device on departure.

Consider this worst-case scenario:

You fire your in-house IT manager. As a disgruntled ex-employee, he decides to sabotage your business IT assets through his personal device. Of course, he made sure the device wasn’t scanned before he left. You can try to disable his accounts, and reset passwords, but just one missed detail can be disastrous for your company. Your data is vulnerable, and you should expect some data loss, but you want to keep it to a minimum.

What The Experts Say:

“There’s no definitive way to get onto a (departing) employee’s personal devices and undo what’s been done, and if your workers have been using off-the-shelf solutions like Dropbox, it’s virtually impossible with some sort of exit interview.”

 – Joshua Weiss, CEO of TeliApp (mobile app development firm)

MBYOD (managed bring your own device) procedures can minimize your risk:

“In MBYOD, you start with securing your data at its source, then move on to securing it at rest and in transit between the device and your internal systems. Your goal is to manage the enterprise data without interfering with the personal data.”

– Brian Katz, InfoWorld

Our partners at Intel use technology to help protect information security. We use their mobile device management tools to ensure all devices conform to basic policies, like enforcing the use of passwords and encryption.

We can help you protect your business information through our Mobile Device Management Solutions.

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