Data Security

Data Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity. WW Works is your best defence against IT disasters and data loss.

Image of Data Security which looks like the Matrix data grid

Disaster can strike at anytime and anywhere.

Will your business be prepared when a fire, power outage or even human errors strike your IT system?

That’s where we come in.
We provide the best defense against these, and other disasters for businesses across Ontario.

Don’t fail to properly safeguard your critical data.

Our Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution will protect your data, and ensure that you can securely access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection—no matter what disaster strikes.

How? With:

  • Regular onsite backups of your servers and critical business systems
  • Offsite backups of your data to a high-security data center
  • Cloud virtualization services that provide fast recovery when a serious failure, disaster or outage occurs

It is vitally important that your have proper safeguards in place to protect your business data, and keep the company running, even when faced with a disaster or technical failure. Don’t wait until a disaster strikes.

Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions must be put
into place prior to a disaster, so your data and business can be recovered.

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