First things first, What the heck is CDAP?

 CDAP is the Canadian Digital Adoption Program that aims to help Canadian SMEs digitize their business. The government has committed $4 billion in funding over the next four years to CDAP to support SMEs in adopting new technologies that will generate more opportunities, allow them to remain competitive, and ensure their businesses are prevailing through a time of considerable change.

 CDAP is divided into two streams, stream one being solely for businesses that have not yet taken advantage of e-commerce opportunities. Alternatively, stream two focuses on improving SMEs through access to digital solutions. Through stream two, grants of up to $15,000 are available to fund 90% of a digitization plan. This is where WW Works comes in. As a CDAP partner, our IT analysis and customized IT plan for your organization are eligible for such grants. After you receive a plan, CDAP also offers interest-free loan opportunities for digital plan implementation.

 Now that you know what CDAP is, you might be thinking: why does my business need digitization at all?

 Digitization in today’s world is inevitable. Whether you choose to have it or not, eventually your organization must succumb to digital processes in some capacity to remain aligned with modern ways of working. However, embracing and executing digitization correctly for your organization could provide extensive opportunities and benefits.

 First, digitization can streamline processes and improve your company’s efficiency. This can include hosted file sharing, integrated phone and CRM tools, and increased automation. These functions provide ease of communication and improved collaboration that increase productivity and enhance client and employee satisfaction. Such efficiencies ultimately lead to cost savings, making a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

 Digitization also provides enhanced data protection. Storing all files on a server or in the cloud ensures you will have a paper trail in the case of an audit or if you must recall past transactions. Storing files digitally also protects your organization in the case of any unforeseen disasters that could destroy paper records or physical storage. Further, backup services guarantee the files you have stored will remain preserved and secure.

 Ultimately, digitizing your organization has a rippling effect that impacts all parts of your business in a positive way. From customer satisfaction to data protection, opportunities for improved processes with digitization are endless.

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