Long-Term Care

IT Services for Long-Term Care Facilities in Ontario.

Healing hands and caring staff - that's what Long-Term Care, or LTC, is all about

WW Works is the preferred outsourced IT department for long-term care facilities; providing extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Computers and IT Systems play an increasingly important role in the organizational success in Long-Term Care Facilities across Ontario. Among many of the benefits are increased staff productivity, better revenue management, reduction in errors, and improved service for residents.

For 25 years, we’ve been dedicated to assisting long-term care professionals help those who need their service.

We provide robust, innovative healthcare solutions to long-term care facilities in Canada. We focus on providing the best IT services and solutions, which allows our clients to serve their patients and/or residents with the best care.

Benefits For LTC Facilities 

  • Focus on the needs of residents
  • Manage Staff and Volunteers
  • Focus on Financial Management
  • Manage Clinical Needs
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Increased Resident and Patient Safety

Your team will communicate and collaborate with ease, without technology errors or disruptions.

Staff, residents, their families, medical support staff, and pharmacies will enjoy enhanced communication and information exchange capabilities that will increase the quality of care given in all areas.

We become your strategic adviser, providing regularly scheduled technology reviews to align the latest IT technologies with your organizational objectives. In addition, we’re a member of OLTCA and ORCA, and offer our years of experience to every client we serve.

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