IT Consulting Firm Celebrates 25 Years in Business

wwworks is proudly celebrating 25 years in the business of helping Ontario's businesses with their IT needs

IT Consulting Firm Celebrates 25 Years in Business

WW Works, a top IT consulting firm in the GTA, is celebrating an extremely significant company milestone.

In 1989, Wade Weppler founded WW Works – and now they’re celebrating 25 years in business helping their clients meet, and more often than not, exceed their business objectives and goals through exceptional IT services.

Burlington IT SupportThe Secret to Success: Staying Persistent and Having Passion for Helping Other Businesses Succeed!

Similar to any long-standing company, WW Works experienced many ups and downs along the way – challenges, accomplishments, and opportunities for growth were evident throughout the past 25 years. When asked what the secret to success has been, Wade Weppler replied:

“The secret is persistence and really having a passion for what you do. I enjoy technology and I enjoy the clients I work with, so that’s kept me going. [My tip for others getting into the industry is] learn some business skills beforehand – concentrate on the business side, learn how to service your clients, and stay professional.”

He continued, “Definitely know the technology bits and pieces, and find people who are talented in the bits and pieces, but understand how to run your company at the same time.”

From One Business Owner to Another: Tips for Growing AND Sustaining Your Business!

As WW Works celebrates their 25th anniversary, it’s clear they’re doing something right. What’s the best way to grow and sustain a business? As Wade expressed, it’s all about persistence and having a passion for what you do; but there’s a few key points to consider:

  • Start with a purpose: Every company needs a purpose – something each and every employee understands and operates accordingly, day after day. WW Works has one purpose: making sure their clients technology meets their business demands to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Keep adapting to changes: Regardless of your industry, business environments evolve fast and it’s fundamental to keep adapting to changes. WW Works stays ahead of evolving technologies, such as the cloud, to keep their clients competitive.
  • Hire the absolute top talent around: Having the right people on your team is the most important piece of running and sustaining a successful business. Wade explained, “finding them is hard, handing onto them is hard, but having the best talent is important.”
  • Look for new opportunities to improve: There’s always new opportunities available to improve the way you service those you serve. Wade said, “We’re always keeping our staff engaged, looking for other opportunities through acquisitions or new partnerships, and bringing better services to our clients.”